Mobile APN

Mobile APN (e.g. GPRS, HSDPA, 3G, UMTS) access provides a rapid and secure method of connecting any device on a mobile network to the office LAN without installing any client software on the mobile device. The AccessMyLan Mobile APN provides network level access to the LAN from any mobile device simply by configuring the APN settings on the device.
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APN Topology Diagram

Mobile devices connect to the AccessMyLan APN and once authenticated and authorized, are automatically configured with DNS, routing information and an IP address by AccessMyLan. The device DNS is configured to point to the DNS server on the LAN while routes are provided to the LAN subnets.
Remote device traffic is routed to the AccessMyLan VPN Agent installed on the LAN, which will reverse-proxy traffic to the appropriate host on the local network. A VPN Agent (installed on any Windows system) maintains connectivity with the AccessMyLan service cloud by establishing a persistent outbound SSL connection. Multiple VPN Agents may be deployed to provide a highly-available APN environment.


  • Avoids complexity and cost of operator provided Private APN
  • On-demand - available immediately
  • Works with any SIM based device without additional software
  • Integrates access from multiple operators in a single service
  • Scales from single device to tens of thousands of devices
  • High-availability and disaster recovery as standard

Next Steps

Get more information on integrating mobile devices in the Mobile APN Datasheet.
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