VPN On-Demand

Quick and Easy VPN

  • Access mail, files & applications
  • Quick setup on existing server
  • Simple monthly charge
  • Fully secure service

What is a Hosted VPN Service?

Hosted VPN services remove complexity and operational workload from companies with a need to provide remote access for staff and to link multiple locations together as a single wide area network. A Hosted VPN achieves this by delivering VPN as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution where the customer does not have to invest in the infrastructure or equipment and by providing on-demand tools for monitoring and managing VPN services. This is a tried and tested model for the delivery of other business applications with services such as salesforce.com providing on-demand CRM solutions without customers having to setup in-house servers and applications.

On-Demand VPN Capacity

One of the key features of a hosted VPN service is the capability to provide services and capacity as and when required. With a VPN Appliance, adding capacity can require upgrades of hardware and the purchasing of perpetual licences. In contrast, when using a hosted VPN Service, additional capacity and licences can be added and removed dynamically as business needs change removing the need for VPN capacity planning and under-utilized resources.

Lower VPN administration cost

With a hosted VPN service, the VPN costs are significantly reduced as there is less administration and the skill levels required are much lower than with a VPN appliance. With an in-house solution, administrators must monitor and manage the security of the VPN by reviewing log files, monitoring activity and ensuring that the latest security patches are applied. VPN Administrators must also monitor performance and plan capacity for anticipated growth through increased user demand and new application deployment. Feature upgrades are managed and implemented by the service provider removing the risk and complexity of upgrading in-house services.

By removing the complexity of VPN administration to a hosted VPN Service, the skill level required to manage remote access is much lower allowing tasks to be delegated to IT generalists rather than having to employ security specialists.

Features on Demand

As the remote access demands of users change to include the latest technology and developments, in-house VPN solutions may need to be upgraded or replaced to give the remote users the solutions they need. In contrast, managed services always have to support the latest devices and technologies removing the need for upgrades or equipment replacement.

Increased Security

Hackers are active 24x7 and are constantly identifying new weaknesses in security products such as firewalls and VPN appliances. Hosted VPN services are monitored 24x7 by security staff who will immediately respond to any suspicious activity. Service provider staff also ensure that all equipment is patched with the latest updates and is configured to maximize security. The AccessMyLan hosted VPN service uses a software agent to connect to the service cloud which does not need any open firewall ports for VPN. With no open ports on the firewall, hackers have a reduced attack surface which simplifies firewall security monitoring and configuration.