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Fixing ActiveSync error Ox85010014

This solution only applies to ActiveSync errors when connecting from a mobile phone directly to an Exchange Server 2003.

If you are using a handset connected to a desktop or laptop using desktop ActiveSync, then possible solutions to your error can be found in the Microsoft KB Article 912241.

ActiveSync error code Ox85010014 is a very broad error which indicates a potential problem with the Exchange server configuration.

To pinpoint what is causing the ActiveSync error, you should download and run the AccessMyLan ActiveSync Tester. This tool emulates an ActiveSync client and provides detailed diagnostics and potential solutions to the cause of the error code Ox85010014 with ActiveSync.

Potential causes of error Ox85010014 include

  • Windows Integrated Authentication is not enabled on the Exchange virtual directory.
  • Windows Integrated Authentication is enabled on the Exchange virtual directory, but Kerberos is disabled.
  • IIS may give HTTP Status 401 when using Kerberos on Windows 2000.
  • The mailbox is being moved.
  • The ActiveSync user a member of more than 200 groups.
  • The Left Hand Side(LHS) and Right Hand Side(RHS) of the user's primary SMTP address are different from the default recipient policy SMTP address. (Applying Exchange 2003 Service Pack2 will fix this)
  • The Exchange virtual directory is configured to use SSL. Server ActiveSync uses port 80 to communicate with the Exchange Server.
  • Windows SharePoint has been installed on the Exchange server
  • Mailbox limits have been reached on the Exchange server.
  • Anonymous authentication is enabled on the Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync virtual directory on the server.

If you are encountering other ActiveSync Errors, visit Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website which provides a full list of errors and potential solutions.