Business Continuity

Ensuring that your mobile and remote users have constant access to the office can be difficult and expensive. With appliance-based remote access solutions, enabling high availability and disaster recovery can require duplication of hardware, extra software licences and complex network configurations.

With AccessMyLan, delivering high availability and disaster recovery is as simple as installing additional VPN Agents. Installation takes just minutes and once installed, the additional VPN Agents automatically detect the network environment and are available to route user traffic in the event of a network or host being uunavailable.

Having multiple Internet connections from different service providers is difficult to support with a traditional VPN as the clients would need to connect to a different address in the event of a failure. With AccessMyLan, VPN Agents automatically re-route to alternate Internet connections to maintain connectivity while clients will always connect to the highly available AccessMyLan infrastructure.

The AccessMyLan High Availability white paper provides detailed information on implementing high availability and disaster recovery.

You may also contact us directly to discuss your business continuity requirements.