ActiveSync Tester Diagnostic

Diagnosis - The Exchange Server Environment is correctly configured
The Exchange server is correctly configured. To enable access for handsets on the Internet, you can use AccessMyLan or you can configure your firewall to pass traffic to the Exchange server.

Solution #1 - Use AccessMyLan
You can avoid having to purchase and configure digital certificates on your Exchange server and handsets by using AccessMyLan to secure all communications between your mobile handsets and your Exchange server. The AccessMyLan service also removes the need to reconfigure your firewall to allow connections from the Internet to your Exchange server.
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Solution #2 - Configure your Firewall for ActiveSync
Your firewall will need to be configured as follows (assuming the use of SSL for ActiveSync)

  • Add SSL traffic Rule Add a rule to the firewall permitting traffic on port 443 from the Internet to the Exchange server.
  • Add SSL redirect Create a forwarder to redirect all SSL traffic to the Exchange server.
  • Reconfigure SSL/session timeouts Extend the SSL/session timeouts on the firewall to 30 minutes. Using lower times cause the frequent establishment of sessions from the handset leading to poor battery life on some devices.

For more information on AccessMyLan and ActiveSync, consult the AccessMyLan Knowledge Base »

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