Access Methods

With AccessMyLan, remote users can use a variety of Access Methods to get to their applications and files. An AccessMyLan subscriber may have all Access Methods enabled giving the widest possible choice for accessing their e-mail, files and applications.

VPN Client


Typical Usage Scenario
For full network connectivity to your office LAN, and access to any networked application (e.g. Email, File Shares, Remote Desktop, printers). Use the VPN Client to enable access for staff working from home, in remote offices or travelling staff with laptops.

Devices Supported
Windows 2000, XP and Vista

Download VPN Client Datasheet (PDF)

ActiveSync (Microsoft Exchange)


Typical Usage Scenario
Enables access from a mobile phone to email, calendar and contact information stored in your Exchange server. When email arrives at the Exchange server, it is automatically delivered to the phone.

Devices Supported
Any MS Exchange ActiveSync-capable smartphone, (includes Apple iPhone, any device running Windows Mobile, Nokia E series, Nokia N-series, devices with DataViz RoadSync & many more).

Download ActiveSync Datasheet (PDF)

Web Portal

access-portal icon

Typical Usage Scenario
Access to Web Applications (such as Intranet sites and Outlook Web Access) and documents stored on file servers from any Web browser. This service is an excellent way to provide secure access from machines not controlled by your organization such as home PCs and Internet Kiosks. The VPN Browser Plugin performs a cache cleanup when a session ends to remove any sensitive information that may be cached by the browser.

Devices Supported
Any javascript-capable Web Browser.

Download Web Portal Datasheet (PDF)

Mobile APN

SIM Card icon

Typical Usage Scenario
On supported Mobile partner networks, the Mobile APN (Access Point Name) enables device connectivity to the office via the operator network. Mobile APN can be confgured on any mobile device including handsets, mobile data cards and cellular routers and provides full network connectivity from the mobile device. Typical uses of APN access include connecting devices that do not have a VPN Client, controlling Internet access from mobile devices and the use of cellular routers as a failover backup on wide area networks.

Devices Supported
On a supported partner network, any device with a configurable data connection (APN) can be setup to connect using AccessMyLan. This includes handsets, mobile data cards, USB modems, routers and telemetry devices.

Download Mobile APN Datasheet (PDF)